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SW: Operations

Terror from Behind

Since we are diversifying at least least for this weekend I thought I would post the strategies for the bosses for TFB. Please read them if you plan on going on the operation (Melgorm). Let's get some Dread Guard gear.
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SW: Operations

SWTOR ops tactics

Even tho I am not an officer after discusion with Thango tonight i decieded to make a post.Bonetrasher - on this boss so far i was healing and last time i was mellee dpsing. For me that fight looks simple as long as no more then 1 person is taking...
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SW: Operations

More OPS ?

Hello allI was thinking about something yeah i know but hear me out :)I know that many of you guys play a lot of PVP and spend many hours on it but would it be possible to have one more OPS day ? We are doing so great right now that I think it wou...
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SW: Operations

The Raiding Round-Up

LotD has been a raiding community for a long time, and SWTOR will be no exception for us.Let's start getting a handle on what roles we have filled, and what we may be missing for SWTOR's raids.Please add your character's name, advanced class, and ...
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SW: Operations

Tips for Karagga's Palace

#1 When clearing the beasts/beast tamers before the 3rd boss, either CC or keep interrupting the beast tamers. They will channel a nasty stun/DoT on a person (think Mercenaries in Kaon Under Siege). Also, kill the beasts first, then the tamers.#...
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