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Lord of the Drinks
Welcome to the Lord of the Drinks!

We are restarting on the server Evernight. Our kinship Lord of the Drinks EU is now being filled with good folk from all over the LOTRO world. I challenge you to join us. Restart your fascination and return to one of the best games ever.


NOTE: All questions to LOTRO? Please search here first.

We represent a community of gamers that originated from the Danish Lord of the Drinks kinship in Lord of the Rings Online game. Through time we have evolved to become a gaming community in several games consisting of people from all over the world. This while still honouring our Danish roots in LotRO and the way our founder Bladnach envisioned a kinship. A place where people can enjoy games to the fullest! You'll find information from both our LotRO and SWTOR branches scattered around the site. Happy Hunting!

Code of Conduct
Raiding in LotRO
Practical Info
Evil Lord of the Drinks >:)