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Just out of curiosity is anyone from the guild trying out pts? Downloading the client whilst I'm here at work so should be ready to go when I get back home.Just wondered if anyone fancied taking a look and trying out a couple of things. If so then...
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Es'carli (imp side)1498Member avatar small Es'carli (imp side) 4y

Ranked team?

Whats happening with the team, we should try and Queue more, or maybe recruit a few more people interested in doing it with us, i would lead a team on my scoundrel if no one else will. Whats the situation?
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Clockworkz25499Member avatar small Jolien 4y

Ancient Hypergates

I am at work with some down time and thought I would add a thread for discussion of the new WZ. Obviously, the most important thing to do is to capture a pylon. Secondly, the pylon must be defended at all costs (much more important to defend in ...
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Rashadiin5209Member avatar small Clockworkz 4y

Guild merge ?

TRE forums say we merged with NP? Is it true? Sure hope not..Thats what nearly killed the guild a while backP.S If we did, then what the hell is this that we read about it in TRE forums? Especially since we were asked about the merge and we didnt ...
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Ranked Warzone Teamsetup

Let's start by saying 2 things: 1) I am sober. 2) This thread is meant to get some opinions & arguments for why we do what we do.Personally I think that we're making a mistake when we go with 3 healers, 1 tank, 1 offtank & 3 dps. Imo it sh...
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What i can do if i go slefish dps

not geared enough?700k+ others 400k
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Kea'tu2135Small Rashadiin 5y

Defeating ND

Well, i think its pretty clear, apart from ND we can pretty much take on any other teamSo, i think we need to think our setup to be able to beat them, and im sure we wont have problems with any other team As i see it, there are 2 ways to do this1....
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4v4 League, who wants to sign up?

Hey Guys,So far, after a very brief discussion in guild chat, Dayakin, Achillies, Arebell, Ne'va and I have expressed an interest in singing up. We could make more teams for it. There are rules to prevent FOTM stacking and to keep things balanced....
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Morrokei4172Member avatar small Morrokei 5y

Guild population decreases: we need to recruit *now*

Guys, the way it's going now, fewer and fewer people login during the day and on evenings. Some have expressed their near-loss of interest in the game. Ranked has collapsed. GW2 has come. To keep our attractiveness as a guild, we need to have onli...
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Deacon33509Small Deacon 5y

Tired of attitude towards ranked.

Last night around 9 PM (my connection finally working decent for a day) we had about 12 or 14 people online and someone decided to try to get some ranked going. Managed to get 5 or 6 people and just needed a few to fill spots, but because we were ...
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Playing both sides of the fence

Last week or so has been a bit odd for me in the sense that I've been getting interested in Es'carli again...probably got something to do with the fact I have 2 grind for the two new elite warhero pieces.Real shame that I can't convert Es'carli to...
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Es'carli (imp side)859Member avatar small Es'carli (imp side) 5y

2vs2 tournament on tatooine vid who it want to see its with TS chat
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Jacklint224Member avatar small Oke-ehma 5y

PvP update: Not looking good

Doesn't look good on the PvP-content side of things, granted we get a new Warzone and new gear (wuhu), but the PvP-saving content like cross-server seems to be pretty far ahead:
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Oke-ehma11163Member avatar small Dayakin 5y

Sentinel Builds

My Watchman/Combat Hybrid build:
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Lets revive RANKED

hey guys,so this comes after last night's ranked we've been playinglets face it, ranked is broken, i mean the whole ideea of ranked should be to match weaker teams to weaker teams and better teams to better teamsi belive the most imediate fix to t...
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IN-House Ranked

im in a really spammy mood today, so here goes some more :)the more we play games between our teams, the more i get the feeling we are doing this the wrong wayhaving set teams, can be a really good thing when going against BC, but lets face it tha...
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1.4 & the new wz

I've seen parts of it on Gamescom last week, but found this interview on DH where it's explained a bit more by Gabe Amatangelo.Thought I wouldn't hurt to at least know a little bit about what is waiting for the people that don't unsub :)http://www...
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Stelios2122Small Konno 5y

Team "Aeron"

--==TEAM AERON==-- Tank - DayakinMain Healer - KonnoSecond Healer - Cod'ee, Arebell (Zizon, Ifoo)Off-Tank - Camy, Oke, Spio, Cotu (Terrin, Doland)Combat Sentinel - Mjoed (Morrokei, Predi, Alleria )Assault Vanguard - Jacklint, KassisRanged DPS - De...
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Well, missed the 1v1 event yesterday because I spend an ungodly amount of time eating dinner. But during the day quite a few people gathered on tatooine to do some pre-event dueling. While I'm probably not the greatest 1v1'er class/skill wise I ha...
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Pepperr10371Member avatar small Oke-ehma 5y

Alt team for rated

This is actually inspired by Keatu's post on TRE forums (Rated Teams & Queues topic) and I think this has already been discussed in TS, but I thought I'd post the idea here anyways.After reading Keatus post I thought it might be an idea to ded...
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