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[Pinned] The Story of LOTD

The Story Untold … As every story of great deeds, it all starts as something without any importance at all …. Who could guessed that bringing a few casks of ale and beer from The Shire to Bree, would be the starting point of a guard of men and fel...
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Should the kinship go back to using DKP

DKP comes down to using raidpoints.Raidpoints are earned by joining raids.You will earn points for signing up, joining raid, killing a boss, etc..This system will reward the players that are most active raiding, since they build up more points.The...
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Kinnies,To address the raiding in the kinship I want to make something very clear.When raiding we are a team of 12 people, with 12 people investing time and effort in achieving victory.If you do not expect to stay during the raid, DO NOT sign up.....
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Class Trait Points

I know a lot of people within the kin have recently decided to level up old characters, or start new alts; so thought I'd post a list on how to acquire all 79 trait points, just so its easy access for everyone!79 Points in Total; 47 acquired from ...
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Kinship growth and vision for future

Hey everyone,On behalf of the leadership of the kinship I like to inform you that invites to the kinship will now go via applications that will be reviewed by the raidleaders and officers of the kinship. It will be the raidleaders that determine t...
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Raid prep

guys can we ensure everyone who is raiding is 15mins early prior to raid start,as it is at the minute we say 7.30 and its 1-1and half hours before we start and tbh its not really fair on those who are on a strict timer, if it says 7.30pm that's th...
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Which server have you transfered to?

Hi Drinkers, I want to take a look at the game again, but do not dare make a transfer of my chars before I know where you guys went. I really miss playing the game, but my son, Marloc, have visited the game some years ago, and didnt like it. But I...
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Awasome Screenshots

Here is some awasome screenshot I took standing on top of Helm's Deep looking out to wards Helm's Dike! ;)
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Roving threats locations

I've found a nice site with roving threats locations pointed on maps. Not sure if it's accurate, but I assume so ;) maybe someone will find it useful:
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Lotro and the rest of 2014.

Just a quick run down of what is to be expected, has been confirmed, and spoken about over the TTHTI runs and ongoing SHIELD runs of what we can expect later in the year.Updates!!Contrary to popular belief there are actually "two" updates still to...
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Undocumented 14.1 changes NOT in release notes

Bug fixes:The Woodhurst, Rohan quests blocked by an invisible wall in The Mud resolved, wall removedSkirmish traits not being able to be added fixed (confirmation button no longer remains greyed out)New issue:As noted here, FA symbols greyed out a...
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Raids T2C

Durchest T2COn Sunday, when we attempted the glorious Durchest T2C it was evident there was a huge scaling that had taken place.. It took us long enough to reach him, and when we got there we still couldn't manage to get him down! :(I know First A...
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Something Funny....

Posted on LOTRO eldar PVMP forums by Ignor (Defiler)....Just before going to sleep papa orc tells little orc jr. a bedtime story about the dangers outside and little orc jr. asks: 'why do I need to stay with the group papa? I am big and strong alr...
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World Cup Sweepstake

We at LOTD are thinking of running a small World Cup Sweepstake competition for the up coming Fifa World Cup.I am sure many people have entered such competitions before, be that as it may at work, at school, at home, between friends etcAt this tim...
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Cosmetic of the Week!

Hey Everyone,So in the interest of getting some activity back to the kin website I am going to be hosting a series of competitions each week in which you can win prizes in game!The first of these competitions is going to be - The Outfit of the Wee...
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Strongest drinks around in Middle-earth

I just stumpled upon the paper where I noticed all the strong drinks I 'tested' to find the best for our 6th Year Birthday last month. I realised this might be useful information for people wandering around and don't know where to go for a proper ...
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Kinship history / presentation

Hi kinnies, I need your help. =) On the german Lotro forum you can present your kinship and the LotRo Team will post your presentation on Facebook some days later. But I dont know what happend before 2009 because I joined the LotD in 2009 and I wo...
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Helm's Deep

So today is the first mention of the new expansion. Just though I'd start something where it could be chatted about before it arrives later this year.... From the limited press post earlier, what are you guys all thinking so far?For those who have...
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My LOTRO Experience

The world was young and days were bright, long ago, long before the flight, from gondor to ered-luin i came, not to seek any glory, nor any fame, so many perils i faced, minions of sauron i chased, met the hobbits, reached the shire, following no...
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New Trait Trees. good ones for Burglar I think..."Coup de Grâce" is a powerful melee attack with bonus critical damage. If the target is defeated soon after the skill, the Burglar enters Stealth. (Will be u...
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